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The Forum on Virtual Assistance (FoVA) is an annual conference that brings together close to 5000 virtual assistants from all over the world. This year, on November 15th, the event will be hosted in New York City, and we’re expecting the biggest gathering of all time.

FOVA was initially started by a small team of American virtual assistants led by William Mayon. They worked as contractors for big digital marketing agencies, helping them with website design, social media marketing, and search engine optimization.

In 2010, Mayon had the idea to bring together virtual assistants from around the world to a conference in the United States. Mayon worked as a virtual assistant for 7 years and a lot of times he felt very isolated, since he was working online, from home, by himself. He was writing gun safe reviews for the NRA.

That’s why he started his own virtual assistance team, and then moved on to found the biggest even on virtual assistance, FOVA.

Our participants come from countries like Australia, India, Thailand, Philippines, Brazil, South Africa, and so many more. This is also through for the 9 speakers that will be talking and giving presentations during FOVA 2015.

We’re very excited for Dushkriti Chad’s talk on managing a team of 1600 assistants in India, and also Daniel Earnshaw on building is virtual assistance business to $150,000/year in just 18 months. Here are some of the topics that will be covered during FOVA 2015:

  • Starting a freelancing/virtual assistance business
  • How team management can get a project from 0 to hero. Case study of a website about reviews of the best hunting knife and the best hunting crossbow.
  • Skills and services to focus on
  • Finding clients and landing virtual assistance jobs
  • Forming a team of virtual assistants

We’ll also have more general talks on marketing, sales, organization, productivity, business structure, and so much more. You cannot miss FOVA 2015, it’s going to be our biggest and best event ever.

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